Source code for torch_geometric.utils.normalized_cut

from torch_geometric.utils import degree

[docs]def normalized_cut(edge_index, edge_attr, num_nodes=None): r"""Computes the normalized cut :math:`\mathbf{e}_{i,j} \cdot \left( \frac{1}{\deg(i)} + \frac{1}{\deg(j)} \right)` of a weighted graph given by edge indices and edge attributes. Args: edge_index (LongTensor): The edge indices. edge_attr (Tensor): Edge weights or multi-dimensional edge features. num_nodes (int, optional): The number of nodes, *i.e.* :obj:`max_val + 1` of :attr:`edge_index`. (default: :obj:`None`) :rtype: :class:`Tensor` """ row, col = edge_index deg = 1 / degree(row, num_nodes, edge_attr.dtype) deg = deg[row] + deg[col] cut = edge_attr * deg return cut