Source code for torch_geometric.utils.get_mesh_laplacian

from typing import Tuple

import torch
from torch import Tensor

from torch_geometric.utils import add_self_loops, coalesce, scatter

[docs]def get_mesh_laplacian(pos: Tensor, face: Tensor) -> Tuple[Tensor, Tensor]: r"""Computes the mesh Laplacian of a mesh given by :obj:`pos` and :obj:`face`. It is computed as .. math:: \mathbf{L}_{ij} = \begin{cases} \frac{\cot \angle_{ikj} + \cot \angle_{ilj}}{2 a_{ij}} & \mbox{if } i, j \mbox{ is an edge} \\ \sum_{j \in N(i)}{L_{ij}} & \mbox{if } i \mbox{ is in the diagonal} \\ 0 \mbox{ otherwise} \end{cases} where :math:`a_{ij}` is the local area element, *i.e.* one-third of the neighbouring triangle's area. Args: pos (Tensor): The node positions. face (LongTensor): The face indices. """ assert pos.size(1) == 3 and face.size(0) == 3 num_nodes = pos.shape[0] def add_angles(left, centre, right): left_pos, central_pos, right_pos = pos[left], pos[centre], pos[right] left_vec = left_pos - central_pos right_vec = right_pos - central_pos dot = torch.einsum('ij, ij -> i', left_vec, right_vec) cross = torch.norm(torch.cross(left_vec, right_vec, dim=1), dim=1) cot = dot / cross # cot = cos / sin area = cross / 6.0 # one-third of a triangle's area is cross / 6.0 return cot / 2.0, area / 2.0 # For each triangle face, add all three angles: cot_201, area_201 = add_angles(face[2], face[0], face[1]) cot_012, area_012 = add_angles(face[0], face[1], face[2]) cot_120, area_120 = add_angles(face[1], face[2], face[0]) cot_weight = [cot_201, cot_201, cot_012, cot_012, cot_120, cot_120]) area_weight = [area_201, area_201, area_012, area_012, area_120, area_120]) edge_index =[ torch.stack([face[2], face[1]], dim=0), torch.stack([face[1], face[2]], dim=0), torch.stack([face[0], face[2]], dim=0), torch.stack([face[2], face[0]], dim=0), torch.stack([face[1], face[0]], dim=0), torch.stack([face[0], face[1]], dim=0) ], dim=1) edge_index, weight = coalesce(edge_index, [cot_weight, area_weight]) cot_weight, area_weight = weight # Compute the diagonal part: row, col = edge_index cot_deg = scatter(cot_weight, row, 0, num_nodes, reduce='sum') area_deg = scatter(area_weight, row, 0, num_nodes, reduce='sum') deg = cot_deg / area_deg edge_index, _ = add_self_loops(edge_index, num_nodes=num_nodes) edge_weight =[-cot_weight, deg], dim=0) return edge_index, edge_weight