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import ast
import json
import os
import os.path as osp

from import fs

def string_to_python(string):
        return ast.literal_eval(string)
    except Exception:
        return string

[docs]def dict_to_json(dict, fname): """Dump a :python:`Python` dictionary to a JSON file. Args: dict (dict): The :python:`Python` dictionary. fname (str): The output file name. """ with open(fname, 'a') as f: json.dump(dict, f) f.write('\n')
[docs]def dict_list_to_json(dict_list, fname): """Dump a list of :python:`Python` dictionaries to a JSON file. Args: dict_list (list of dict): List of :python:`Python` dictionaries. fname (str): the output file name. """ with open(fname, 'a') as f: for dict in dict_list: json.dump(dict, f) f.write('\n')
def json_to_dict_list(fname): dict_list = [] epoch_set = set() with open(fname) as f: lines = f.readlines() for line in lines: line = line.rstrip() dict = json.loads(line) if dict['epoch'] not in epoch_set: dict_list.append(dict) epoch_set.add(dict['epoch']) return dict_list
[docs]def dict_to_tb(dict, writer, epoch): """Add a dictionary of statistics to a Tensorboard writer. Args: dict (dict): Statistics of experiments, the keys are attribute names, the values are the attribute values writer: Tensorboard writer object epoch (int): The current epoch """ for key in dict: writer.add_scalar(key, dict[key], epoch)
def dict_list_to_tb(dict_list, writer): for dict in dict_list: assert 'epoch' in dict, 'Key epoch must exist in stats dict' dict_to_tb(dict, writer, dict['epoch'])
[docs]def makedirs_rm_exist(dir): """Make a directory, remove any existing data. Args: dir (str): The directory to be created. """ if osp.isdir(dir): fs.rm(dir) os.makedirs(dir, exist_ok=True)