class ToSparseTensor(attr: Optional[str] = 'edge_weight', remove_edge_index: bool = True, fill_cache: bool = True)[source]

Bases: BaseTransform

Converts the edge_index attributes of a homogeneous or heterogeneous data object into a (transposed) torch_sparse.SparseTensor object with key adj_t (functional name: to_sparse_tensor).


In case of composing multiple transforms, it is best to convert the data object to a SparseTensor as late as possible, since there exist some transforms that are only able to operate on data.edge_index for now.

  • attr (str, optional) – The name of the attribute to add as a value to the SparseTensor object (if present). (default: edge_weight)

  • remove_edge_index (bool, optional) – If set to False, the edge_index tensor will not be removed. (default: True)

  • fill_cache (bool, optional) – If set to False, will not fill the underlying SparseTensor cache. (default: True)